Change to Campus Masking Policy

Effective Thursday, Aug. 5, all students, employees and visitors to campus will be required to wear masks when inside campus buildings. This policy change is being made in response to the recent arrival in the U.S. of the more infectious Delta variant of COVID-19. Vaccination rates in Dane County and on campus are higher than in other parts of the state and U.S. and this has helped limit the impact of the Delta variant. However, the virus continues to spread rapidly among unvaccinated people. Masks may be removed if you are working alone inside an office or lab with the door closed. Masks are not required in outdoor spaces, but may be worn if you wish. University Health Services (UHS) continues to offer free COVID-19 vaccines. If you are vaccinated, or get vaccinated soon, let UHS know to help inform campus public health policies. (If you were vaccinated at UHS, you do not need to take additional action.) Read more at

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