Employees Transitioning to Biweekly Pay Should Review July 30 Pay Statement

As a result of the transition from monthly to biweekly pay for all UW System employees, UW–Madison employees who are paid over 12 months (i.e., have a 12-month appointment) will receive their next paycheck on July 30 for the first 17 days of work in July (July 1–17). Employees are encouraged to review the impact of this transition on their July 30 pay statement, which is now available online at MyUW (go to Payroll Information / Earnings Statements). Eligible employees who may experience financial hardship due to this transition can apply for a no-interest Payroll Transition Employee Loan.

Employees paid over 12 months will receive pay for the remaining days of July (July 18–31) on Aug. 12. The Aug. 12 paycheck will be the first biweekly paycheck, and following that, biweekly paychecks will continue to be received every other Thursday. Due to the transition, the paycheck received on July 30 will have full benefits deductions for the month of July. The next paycheck, on Aug. 12, will have no benefits premiums deducted. Beginning with the following biweekly paycheck on Aug. 26, half of the benefits premiums will be deducted from each of the first two biweekly paychecks each month. Details are available at hr.wisc.edu/single-payroll.

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