First of Two Pay Adjustments Becomes Effective in July

As previously announced, UW–Madison Faculty, Academic Staff, University Staff, and Limited Appointees will receive a 2 percent pay increase in July under the 2017–2019 pay plan. The pay plan establishes a 4 percent increase that will be phased in, with the first 2 percent increase taking effect in July 2018 and the second two percent in January of 2019. Employees who are paid monthly will see the increase on their earnings statement for July, paid on August 1. For employees who are paid hourly, the increase became effective June 24 and will appear on the earnings statement dated July 19. To be eligible to receive the pay plan increases, individuals must have been employed in their current positions by January 8, 2018, must have completed UW–Madison’s sexual harassment prevention training, and must have met performance expectations as identified in their last performance evaluation. Employees with questions should speak with their local human resources contact.

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