Submission Guidelines


The Working at UW employee information vehicles are intended to aid campus communicators in distributing timely communications and announcements to all UW–Madison employees.


The Working at UW website is targeted to current and prospective employees of UW–Madison.

The Working at UW digest is emailed weekly to all UW–Madison employees. All persons employed by the university are on the distribution list and do not have the opportunity to opt out of receiving it.

The information language lines are intended for UW–Madison employees.

Content Guidelines

Appropriate content includes updates, announcements and information directly associated with university administration, policies, procedure, initiatives and similar topics that are relevant to the majority of UW–Madison employees. Content should be related their employment at the university and/or what they need to know to help them perform their daily work.

Some examples include updates, announcements and messages regarding:

  • Campus leadership (e.g., the chancellor, vice chancellors, etc.)
  • Parking or construction
  • New policies and procedures that all employees need to know about
  • Campuswide initiatives
  • Employee support services available to everyone
  • Employee benefits, payroll, and other HR information
  • Reminders of sign-up and compliance deadlines
  • Events appealing to a campuswide audience

Examples of content more appropriate for other communication channels include:

  • Research findings
  • Campus news stories intended for external audiences
  • Events appealing to small segments of campus, even if anyone can attend (e.g., a particular school, college, department or administrative unit)
  • Policies and procedures that affect only one area

Announcements must be submitted at least two weeks before their intended publication date. Please limit your announcement to a few short sentences. Submissions may be edited for style and length. If your announcement will also be posted on a webpage, please include the URL.

If someone else in your unit is primarily responsible for campus communications, please ask them before you send something for the digest to avoid duplicate submissions or premature announcements.

Distribution Process

Submissions will be vetted by an internal communications coordinator and posted to the appropriate vehicle(s). Items posted to the website will appear first on the home page, and will be continue to be available via an archive.

The digest is emailed to all employees. In some campus units, particularly those with a significant population of employees who work second or third shift and/or have limited computer access, printed versions are posted on employee bulletin boards.

Digest content is available in five languages (English, Hmong, Spanish, Tibetan, Chinese) by calling a phone number designated for each. These phone numbers are clearly highlighted in all electronic and printed formats.