UWPD Now Offering Emergency Alerts in Multiple Languages

When there are emergencies on the UW–Madison campus, the UW–Madison Police Department (UWPD) sends WiscAlerts (emergency alert messages) to the campus community if the emergency is currently happening and people can do something to protect themselves. The UWPD will now send information about most emergencies in multiple languages. In most cases, two WiscAlerts will be sent. The first WiscAlert will give general information about the emergency and safety advice in English. The second WiscAlert will have a link to a message translated into Spanish, Hmong, Tibetan, Chinese, and Nepali. The translated message gives general safety information with instructions to ask a trusted person for more details.

Employees and others must sign up to receive WiscAlert text messages. On Friday, Jan. 31 at 1 p.m., UWPD will conduct a campus-wide test of the WiscAlert system, which will include a follow-up translated message.

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